before i die…

January 15, 2009

Mai’s Top Ten Ventures to Attain in Life

10. Learn: Earn a Masters of Arts degree in Anthropology and a Ph. D. in Performing Arts Studies, then teach at my alma mater Columbia College Chicago

9. Develop: Resume classical voice and violin lessons, sing arias in a large hall in Europe

8. Give: Improve the education standards of the Indianapolis Public Schools and all surrounding township schools, commission a community arts center, and author its curriculum

7. Create: Write at least one book on naturopathic therapies for cancer, at least one book on African-American Theatre styles, at least one book on marriage and family, and help my mother finish her novel

6. Health: Become independent of processed foods for better health and longevity, continue my active gym routine

5. Explore: Travel Europe, Asia, and Australia while improving my foreign language skills in French and Spanish

4. Awaken: Open Elemental Performance Arts Ensemble Blackbox Theatre in Chicago, IL to provide drama therapy and playwrighting clinics for special needs children and victims of abuse

3. Achieve: Get my Doctorate of Naturopathy (ND) certification, open a naturopathic practice in Chicago, IL, advocate naturopathy worldwide, and own international clinics

2. Live: Have a successful, long-enduring marriage, give birth to children and adopt at least one child, and provide for my immediate and extended family financially

1. Grow: Build a stronger relationship with Jehovah God

What do you want to accomplish before you bite the big one?


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