Dreams Don’t Come True

January 15, 2009

Recently my husband asked me to describe my dream job. It was surprisingly hard for me to do. I had to write it down, when I was done, I was even more depressed than ever because I realized its not even flippin’ possible!! Yeah, it was an interested exercise, because I’ve been vacillating over what to do with my life,– funny how my undergraduate education didnt point me in the infinate direction… life, sheesh, anyway this was my dream job fantasy conclusion/delusion:

I’m here to example tolerance, help heal bodies, society, and Earth, tell under-told stories, do no harm, learn at every age, and acknowledge beauty in everything.
I am a community organizer with a passion for social activism. The city of Chicago pays me to plan and host free events for the community year-round. I enlist help from local artists, small business owners, and volunteers. Focus and importance is placed on involving the community in enriching their environment whilst evoking a feeling of ownership and pride. Youth and families are encouraged to get involved.
I own a large south-side duplex. I’m one of a team of physicians working out of its first floor clinic that is devoted to holistic naturopathic treatments. This need-based clinic is open to everyone. Fees are determined by financial need, though free to some, and accepts donations. Upstairs, this duplex houses a distribution center where my husband distributes films that he writes and we both produce and direct. Towards the back of the first floor and leading out to the backyard is a blackbox theatre where performances, classes, drama therapy and playwriting workshops are held. Artists work with special needs children and abuse victims to collectively write and produce plays for the blackbox. A small cafe in the duplex serves concessions during the performances and cocktails in the evenings and early morning hours when the blackbox hosts a burlesque/cabaret show.
The Healthy ‘Hood Clinic, Move The Crowd Printing Co., O. Micheaux Distribution Co., Mark Mai Words Concession Stand, and Elemental Performance Arts Ensemble Blackbox all sponsor individual scholarships open to any student showing financial need.
I want to be an example, I want to be a role model. I am here to be a wife and I hope to be a mother, I am here to teach and to learn. I am here to let everyone know that you need never stop learning. There is beauty in everything. I want to promote tolerance and convince everyone that God works in mysterious ways and that no one should judge anyone because we don’t know how God is working with anyone. My purpose is to heal the world and heal the bodies of people I am here to tell people’s stories that are not told.


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