Education is a waste! Think Again…

January 15, 2009

So, you say, “Education doesn’t matter! College? Waste of time and money!” Well I say, “That’s nonsense.” Clearly all career paths do not warrant a degree in higher education, but there are none that could possibly be hurt by one. College is an investment in yourself and can potentially give you a much needed edge over another job applicant.
I’d also say, “Do it for yourself.” It is going to make you better. College at any level is a huge investment in your human capital. Besides the fact that it may make you more desirable to a perspective employer because it shows you have discipline, ambition, drive, and commitment, it can make you a better person, more cultured, more knowledgeable, and often times a better team player. Also, with money in mind, says that statistically college graduates make 62% more money than people without college degrees.
True, professions besides law and medicine often do not require a Bachelor’s degree much less a Master’s degree, but they do require your skills and experience to be more competitive than the next applicant. When you are up for a job, in such hard economic times worldwide, the employer is deciding whether to take a risk on you or to take a risk on the next applicant who has proven they have the tenacity to complete something they could have tried to scrape through life without. The person with the college education looks like the employer’s best bet.


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