Keep your hands off my Sharpie! (or draw back a nubb…)

January 15, 2009

Entering college is a fun and exciting rite of passage and new chapter in life. However, my adventurous college experience would be marred if I didn’t have one essential item: a pack of Sharpie permanent markers. That’s right, some good ole’ Sharpies. I will be using mine for labeling all my belongings. Many people will tell you horror stories of dear items that have been lost, stolen, or appropriated by others in college. For many, college is the first time away from home and the first time living with roommates. And while we all hope to have a great living situation with roomies we don’t mind sharing our things with, this is ideal and it doesn’t always (or even most of the time) work out that way. This is why I encourage ALL college students to take a pack of Sharpies with them. Label your food containers, toiletries, textbooks, appliances etc. Keep in mind, that while black is the most coveted and useful permanent marker color, go ahead, splurge! and get a range of colors. That way you will look forward to using your markers, and perhaps can even decorate your labels a bit to seem less threatening and rude about essentially saying “keep your hands off my stuff!” A label could definitely be assuaged by the addition of a cute rosy flower, or perhaps a bubble heart, or little mint green sparkly stars. This will help keep the atmosphere light between roommates for the long haul.

Is this tip helpful to you? Can you give us some good college preparedness tips?


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