Pooping on Gay’s Rights: SHAME ON YOU CALIFORNIA!!!

January 15, 2009

I am outraged, saddened, and SURPRISED that California voters voted to ban same sex marriage.
This was a pre-existing right, that they voted to have repealed, its not like it was a vote for the 1st time to have it, and people voted no, they voted to take this right away. I feel that’s a step in the wrong direction for civil rights. No matter how you feel about marriage, its obvious that this is discrimination. And on the eve of President Elect Obama’s win! When sooo many Americans were feeling soo much pride in our country. Pride that America IS more progressive than we and a lot of the world want to give us credit for. Pride that we may be moving to a more tolerant, less bullying state of mind. This happens. A pooping on others rights. No I don’t think specific religions or religious leaders should be MADE to perform same sex marriages if they don’t agree with it, but there are plenty that would preform that ceremony. it should be left up to each particular church to decide, not the government!! the spiritual side of marriage shouldn’t have anything to do with the government. Atheist, multiple divorcees, drug dealers, hustlers, lawyers are all allowed to get married, but not gays??? Only the legal, bidding, i get half of what’s yours if we divorce, prenuptial agreement part should have anything to do with government!! Shame on you CA!! Shame!


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