Put your FOOT in CANCER’s BUTT!: Spotlite on Mesothelioma

January 15, 2009

My goal is to become a naturopathic physician specializing in cancer treatment. My mother is a cancer survivor and I especially want to work with cancer patients with natural medicine and show my nieces and nephews that a career in medicine is not out of reach. All medical programs are among the most costly educations to acquire, and naturopathy is no different.

I wish to inform others about the seriousness and danger of asbestos. Naturopathic medicine has proven to be a formidable method of treating cancers such as mesothelioma. I hope to help others in the the world explore healthcare with natural medical practices as treatment and preventative options.

Illnesses caused by asbestos are close to my heart. I have been around asbestos in different facilities for years; from old theatres to schools and residences. Not only have I lived in areas rumored to be contaminated with asbestos, but I worked in a school for almost two years that most certainly had asbestos in the cafeteria area. This is particularly alarming because statistics show that close to 80% of people affected with mesothelioma came in contact with asbestos in a workplace environment. I think about all those elementary school children that spent far more time than I in that contaminated cafeteria.

Many apartment buildings in California, where I worked in the asbestos contaminated cafeteria, were old hotels from the 1930s and 1940s when insulated with asbestos was popular. Often times, asbestos has yet to be fully removed and state signs are posted saying “This area is known by the state of California to contain materials that may cause cancer.” Unbelievable! However, the state comes and checks the residences and if they determine the carcinogenic levels to be appropriate, no action is taken.

A Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree will help my family and I live and work while I’m am studying. This program is intensive and expensive and the finances are a stress that is on my mind every day. Also, I hope that my education will help me honor all those people who are living and who have died from mesothelioma by me working with like cancer patients using natural medicine. I feel that I will be able to give back and make my own contributions to this cause.

How much of a concern is cancer to you? How can increased awareness benefit the fight against cancer?


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