Spoil Pets, Not People

January 15, 2009

Pet owners are fed up with the unwarranted criticism of pampering their pets. Why do so many individuals want to hate on good, hardworking, and honest pet owners? The answer is simple. They’re suffering from “my pet received more love from my parents” syndrome. Individuals who suffer from this debilitating disease unfairly treat many pets.

This brings me to my argument. Do I, or do I not have a pampered pet? I have the most wonderful pet in the world. Sure, I think he is very intelligent. As a matter of fact, more intelligent than those who hate on him because he may be just a little more intelligent than they are. At least that’s what I think. Heathcliff, that’s the name of my cat, knows he has to earn his privileged status in our household. Did I just say privileged? He must be loyal, frugal (that means not eating all his food at one setting) and last but not least, be a fierce protector of the house. Cats can do that you know.

Heathcliff is rewarded for accomplishing my expectations by getting his favorite prize, a two or three night stay at Pet Suites. This establishment is one of two luxury pet hotels in the United States. I make sure that Heathcliff has the suite next to the fish tank to keep him amused during his stay. Sometimes, he is treated to a ride around the block in the car. Heathcliff gets very excited when I put a few french fries on top of his tuna once a week. I also make sure that he has his gourmet pet food , Science Diet during his stay. I am teaching Heathcliff to be a “green” conscious feline. I do this by giving him bottled water from environmental friendly plastic bottles. How does a cat know this? It’s the only water he will drink! Sometimes, I dress him in his finest hand made clothes or scarves and let him wear his fancy collar studded with rhinestone bling on special occasions. The best reward that Heathcliff has shown partiality to is his rabbit fur lined bed. The last thing that I do for Heathcliff is to arrange play dates with some of my friends who have cats so he can stay cultured. For a long time, Heathcliff had his own MySpace web page, but he decided to give that up. He just did not want to be that accessible! He’s so posh that he needs his space.

This brings me back to that infamous question at the beginning of this essay. Do I have a pampered pet? Why do so many individuals want to hate on good, hardworking, and honest pet owners? Sure he eats special food and drinks special water and goes to a prestigious pet hotel, sleeps on a rabbit fur lined bed, and eats french fries. Let me know, and you be the judge.


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