The Future of Healthcare

January 15, 2009

Where do I envision the naturopathic medicine profession heading in the future? More practice, more schools, more licensure, more accreditation, more physicians, more patients, more consistent progress. This profession is constantly advancing. More locations are offering licensure for naturopathic doctors, most recently Minnesota on May 23, 2008. Many states in the United States are seeking licensure like New York and Illinois. I believe that when more of the population learns about the benefits of naturopathic medicine the profession will continue to grow. I hope it will not be long before government health programs will include more naturopathic avenues for patients to explore. I am excited for an opportunity to add to the future of this healthcare method.

The future of naturopathic medicine is in the hands of its physicians. Physicians should be using natural medicine and conventional medicine together to have the most positive impact. Naturopathy was popular in North America until the 1930s when practice of natural medicine declined, after the discovery and development of penicillin by Alexander Fleming. It is distressing that in this modern world naturopathic medical treatment still escapes the majority of healthcare facilities.

The cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of naturopathic medicine ensures its future in the world of healthcare. We are living in a time when more and more people are seeing the value of clean natural resources. We even have advertisements on television about using windmills for power, and U.S. presidential candidates talking about alternative energy sources as opposed to off shore drilling. The world we live in is more prepared than ever to open its mind to the benefits of naturopathic medicine.

I have chosen to apply to Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine because it is seriously committed to naturopathic medicine as an alternative for those seeking healthcare in these times. In my search for the ND program that would best fit me, more than any other institution, I found ND doctors with degrees from CCNM. This college is highly recommended by working professionals in the medical field and the university faculty have the credentials that prove for a well structured and professional environment. I believe deeply in the work that CCNM offers and I have no doubt that I can be an asset to this program. However, I want to give much love and support to all the other naturopathic programs out there. We are fighting a lot of odds, so there is camaraderie over competition. Peace-Love-Blessings-Awareness-Wealth


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