To Invest or not to Invest? $$$

January 15, 2009

In recent decades, efficient market research has proven vital in determining how effectively SMEs products with sell. This research is performed in numerous ways, including by telephone or written surveys with potential consumers. Outside investors must pay special attention to the size of the potential market, how long it will take to break even, and the capability and experience of management team. “How much capital is needed? How much Gross product is expected? Do the SMEs have an effective marketing plan? Is there a basis of interest?” Market Research is vital in determining the demand for any product or service. Short of clairvoyance, no other factor can determine the success of a small or medium sized enterprise as well as market and business research and statistics. It is necessary to determine a basis of interest in the consumer market. This can be achieved by analyzing fundraising efforts and the presale of goods (If the products can be sold before they are delivered, then this will help predict if the venture will be successful), assessing market surveys and statistics, assess the demand of the goods and accurately determine interest.

Have you invested in a small business? What made you think it was a wise investment? What made you predict that you would see a good return on your investment?


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