People who only value conventional healthcare are stupid.

January 15, 2009

Social Activism is my heart’s desire for my life. I hope to improve the quality of life for my family and community by broadening awareness of natural medicine. I will earn my Doctor of Natural Medicine certification, become a physician, open a practice and advocate the licensure of naturopathy in Illinois, New York, and Indiana before fighting for national licensure. I will support the growth of this branch of the medical field worldwide by making it more assessable to the general public and dispelling myths. I want to encourage government health programs to include more naturopathic avenues for patients to explore. The future of naturopathic medicine is in the hands of its physicians. Naturopathic and allopathic (conventional) medicine should be used together to have the most positive impact. Naturopathic medicine has proved to be cost effective and environmentally sound. I hope to visit naturopathic facilities abroad and strengthen networks of naturopathy worldwide. I want to add to the future of this healthcare method by giving patients options, and doing as much good for as many people as possible.
Plsease don’t assume I don’t advocate conventional med. That’s silly, I just don’t think its the be all end all of healthcare, and leaving natural medicine out of the spectrum of common discussion is nonsensical. There are many myths about it, some one actually asked me if it has to do with crystals and light. NO, that’s not it, its science and mental health among other things. I think anyone who would advocate one without the other is not acting wisely. I also feel its my duty to advocate its use. Not that its completely synonymous with allopathic medicine but i AM against over medicating people and charging them for that malpractice.


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