Why the Constitution can kiss Mai ass

March 24, 2009

The constitution (or the people charged with exercising it) has failed to recognize and practice many of its statues since its inception, making it untrustworthy. I don’t believe that since something is written down, I’m protected, because that hasn’t been the case.

IT’S JUST A PIECE OF TEXT. It’s just a set of laws (some which permit individual states to do horrible things) that a group of people (majority of whom just happen to have been notorious bigots) made up. It also allows great injustices to prevail, like how, when, and where people are allowed to engage in adult activities.

People want to denigrate the Bible because they think its fictional, irrelevant, or can’t be proven. I think that the constitution is fictional, and hypocritical. People act like I can’t look upon the constitution unfavorably. Telling me to leave the country because I voice disapproval of the constitution (or don’t choose to participate in the judicial system in a conventional manner) is like that “Christian” pastor going online perpetrating an ignorant atheist, then coming back to minister to his alter ego. Its hypocritical. If you put all your faith in something (other than spiritual) that’s wrong, and its warping your view of life.

People worship the constitution and make it seem like I must too. People hold the constitution to be some infallible text. The constitution did not invent freedom or even grant freedom. People act as if you are going against the word of freedom if you question it. My freedom comes from my humanity, ultimately people’s worship of the constitution seems to justify the idea the U.S. is better than other countries because the U.S. has the constitution. People, people, people make the constitution untrustworthy and corrupt. And there has never been a time when they haven’t.


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