Ozone Therapy: Are potential CURES for CANCER & AIDS being ignored?

April 1, 2009

The Obama Administration has recently lifted the funding limitations on stem cell research, and Nortre Dame, (one of the lucky 3 universities Obama has agreed to visit for commencement this May) is ticked about it. Lucky dogs… If stem cell research can be brought to the forefront… what about another proven viable medical practice? Ozone Therapy.

There are three key discoveries that explain why ozone helps to fight cancer. First, cancer arises because of a lack of oxygen to the cells (Warburg). Second, cancer has a viral component (Watson). Third, the growth of select tumors is inhibited by ozone (Varro). Ozone is a misunderstood disinfectant. Ozone therapy is a neglected treatment that can effectively fight cancer. Ozone is an effective immunoregulator that kills pathogens, mitigates infection, detoxifies the body, increases circulation and oxygen levels, combats fatigue. These are made possible by it’s unique chemical properties, high energy state, instability, and rate of reaction.

Ozone is therapeutic. Cancer causes fatigue, imbalances the immune system (the core of our health defenses), and robs healthy cells of resources. During cancer the immune system falls victim and is compromised as it works over time to kill the pathogens in the body and to fight infection. McKinney says, “The most critical support NDs can offer is to help the patient’s immune system…the immune system’s mandate is to protect and repair our own tissues, and attack everything else. Cancer cells…summon(s) immune cells bent on repairing the tumor. However, the immune system cannot fix the genetic damage in the cancer cells, and the cancer cells won’t switch off as they should, so it becomes “the would that will not heal”. The immune cells increase blood supply, release growth factors, and even switch off the immune cells that approach the tumor in attack mode. The immune system is…working for the tumor and not for the greater good of the organism.” Ozone can kill some of those pathogens, giving the immune system much needed back up. Ozone regulates the immune system by calming an overactive immune system plagued by an auto-immune disease, as well as stimulate and support an under active immune that has been hit by any number of chronic illnesses from cancer to AIDS. An unfettered immune system has the highest likelihood of recognizing and fighting cancer cells effectively. Therefore, if ozone can help support the immune system, then it helps fight cancer in a significant way. Ozone fights cancer by combating fatigue, providing your body with added energy. Dr. Frank Shallenberger says that ozone, “accelerate(s) the citric acid cycle, which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars. This then stimulates basic metabolism. It also breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to be used as energy” (2). It also detoxifies the body by moving waste out. Oxygen is the second most electronegative element therefore it can bond with and oxidize any other element except the noble gases and fluorine, which is the only more electronegative element (6). Ozone can increase circulation because gas expands to fill its container such as the bloodstream, or the body. Due to kinetic energy, ozone gas diffuses through the body rapidly, moving from high concentration to lower concentrations, carrying oxygen throughout the body via the bloodstream. Other benefits include increasing the oxygen levels, purifying the blood and the water the body is primarily made up of. Ozone therapy has proved beneficial in conjunction with conventional methods. A study from several hospitals in Spain of the effects of ozone therapy on 19 patients with advanced head and neck tumors (H&N) was conducted over a three year period while the patients were undergoing radiation therapy concurrently. The trial concluded with positive results. “Ozonetherapy has proved useful in the treatment of ischemic syndromes, and several studies have described a potential increase of oxygenation in tissues and tumors. The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the clinical effect of ozonetherapy in patients with advanced H&N cancer in the course of their scheduled radiotherapy” (7). Dr. Robert H. Sorge founder of Abunda Life Health Retreat and Clinic contends that ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells, inhibits the growth of new tumors (anti-neoplastic), increases red blood cell membrane dispensability, flexibility, and effectiveness, increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme system, speeds the healing process, kills worms, amoeba, and parasites, enhances brain function, extends the life of the cell, and helps increase endurance (5).

The discoveries of Warburg, Watson, and Varro were integral to developing a regime for ozone to fight cancer. However, ozone therapy continues to be among several neglected, yet effective therapies. It’s abilities to successfully regulate the immune system, kill pathogens, mitigate infection, detoxify the body, increase circulation and oxygen levels, and combat fatigue is due to it’s unique chemical properties, high energy state, instability, and rate of reaction. Hopefully, soon this therapy will be further observed in theory, experiment, and practice.

TAKE NOTE: Anyone interested in any therapies mentioned in this essay must seek professional guidance before proceeding with any form of treatment. This is one part of a series of Ozone related essays (sources available upon request).

Additional Notes of Interest:
Ozone purifies water in our bodies similar how water plants treat water with ozone.
Ozone can help the blood cells move.
Healthy cells produce more oxygen and respirate more than cancer cells.
Ozone helps to fight cancer in that it helps to make your body well, period.
It’s important to increase circulation in cancer patients.


2 Responses to “Ozone Therapy: Are potential CURES for CANCER & AIDS being ignored?”

  1. Peggy Says:

    How is the ozone administered to the patient?
    Is there a benefit to external ozone application, such as an ozone generator running in the room with the patient?
    Are there any published medical papers about ozone therapies being used in the treatment of head and neck cancer patients?
    Is there a facility in AZ that does ozone therapy?

    • MaiLady Says:

      Ozone can be administered in a plethora of ways. One predominate intravenous way is autohemotherapy. In this method, 50 to 200 ml of blood is taken out the patient, infused with ozone gas (and usu a mixture of O2 as well) and then transfused back into the patient. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 min. I’ve never had this done, I’ve only been researching how it may be able to assist in fighting cancer. There are other ways such as drinking ozonated water or using ozonated oils. I’ll be posting the last blog in this ozone therapy series which deals with methods, practitioners, and safety, so look out for it. Also, mai essay entitled Ozone Therapy: the key foundation lists mai sources. There are ones from medical journals and that list other useful sites and studies. Much more research needs to be done on ozone therapy. But many have had positive results, and I truly think it may have promise, thought it may not work for everyone. As far as running an ozone generator in a room, mai research suggest that wouldn’t be a wise idea. This is because ozone shouldn’t come in contact with the respiratory system. Ozone can be harmful to the epithelial tissues in the lungs. Fortunately, ozone doesn’t need to come in contact with the respiratory system in order for this therapy to be effective. I believe the New Hope Medical Center may be in Scottsdale, AZ. But you should check those sources, it will tell you for certain. Peace and Blessings 🙂

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