Why Ozone kicks Oxygen’s Ass: Ozone Therapy

April 7, 2009

Like it or not one day, in this crazy, beautiful, wicked world pot will be decriminalized, plus sized models will prevail, abortion will stay, gays will marry, people who don’t love the constitution will stop being villianized, and alternative medicine/therapies will flourish. We’ve seen limitations on stem cell research be lifted, and one day, hopefully sooner than later, we will see more research and practice of Ozone therapy.

There are three key discoveries that explain why ozone helps to fight cancer. First, cancer arises because of a lack of oxygen to the cells (Warburg). Second, cancer has a viral component (Watson). Third, the growth of select tumors is inhibited by ozone (Varro). Ozone is a misunderstood disinfectant. Ozone therapy is a neglected treatment that can effectively fight cancer. Ozone is an effective immunoregulator that kills pathogens, mitigates infection, detoxifies the body, increases circulation and oxygen levels, combats fatigue. These are made possible by it’s unique chemical properties, high energy state, instability, and rate of reaction.

Why use ozone, a known carcinogen which (when tropospheric) may harm the epithelial tissues in our lungs, in oxidative therapies instead of O2 exclusively? The noted and influential Dr. Erwin Payr said, “Ozone can do what oxygen cannot”. Ozone is molecular oxygen with one or more extra atoms of oxygen; the more oxygen atoms to disperse, the more effective at diffusing oxygen into the body. Due to the small quantity of ozone required per treatment, (and therefore small amount produced at a time) it poses little threat to our atmosphere. Unstable ozone requires less energy than stable O2 to undergo reaction. Once ozone is infused into the blood, it quickly breaks down into oxygen, readily oxidizes blood and tissue cells, and rapidly circulates more oxygen in the blood stream than O2. Anne Schadde author of O3zone: A Homeopathic Proving says, “The intense reactivity of ozone is explained by suggesting that one of the three oxygen atoms is in an ‘atomic’ state. On reacting, this atom is dissociated from the O3 molecule, leaving molecular oxygen, O2. The molecular oxygen, O2, is not reactive at ambient temperature and pressures. However, the atomic oxygen, O, is far more reactive” (6). Ozone’s 18 electrons have a high energy, making the molecule highly reactive and unstable. This is apparent by its short lifespan of about 40 minutes. After about 40 minutes before ozone decomposes back into oxygen molecules and atoms. In an email exchange with London-based ozone therapist Steven Salem Karim he writes, “The difference between medical Ozone and Oxygen is in the physical and chemical properties…Ozone is far more unstable and has more energy. This energy can be released in a number of ways and can effect the way it reacts with other chemicals or biochemistries. Oxygen is a very stable element and needs more energy to react with chemicals and other biochemistries. These characteristics between Ozone and Oxygen is why Ozone is way more powerful as an oxidiser. The oxidation potential between Ozone and Oxygen is that Ozone has much greater oxidation potential than Oxygen…I describe it as a super enriched oxygen” (8).

The discoveries of Otto Warburg, James D. Watson, and Joaquim Varro were integral to developing a regime for ozone to fight cancer.

Research opposing viewpoints for yourself, as I did. Cut out the middle-man and see sources with YOUR own eyes. They are truly easy to find. Check out comments on mai other blogs in this series. What works for some, doesn’t work for all, and vice versa. BUT IGNORANCE WORKS FOR NONE. If you or someone you love are in need, and knowledge of this underrated treatment could help you, I’m fully justified and proud to shed more light. This is NOT the first medical care that people have villianized only to later tout as advanced.

“EDUCATION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN IGNORANCE- dont be shamed into not knowing. Its always ethical to be well informed.” – mai

TAKE NOTE: Anyone interested in any therapies mentioned in this essay must seek professional guidance before proceeding with any form of treatment. This is one part of a series of Ozone related essays, sources located at http://www.progressiveu.org/blog/51624-ozone-therapy-key-foundation pertain to whole the series.

Additional Notes of Interest:
This is why ozone is often called “supercharged” oxygen.
Some experts define ozone as a molecule having anywhere from 3 atoms of oxygen to 5, 6 or even as much as 21 atoms of oxygen. If this is the case, then that would even boost ozone’s ability to effectively distribute oxygen in the body.
There is no getting around free radicals, which are charged and spinning around in lone orbit searching for another electron to pair up with. The problem with free radicals comes in when they are disproportionate in our bodies.


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