Ozone Therapy: Methods, Practioners, & Safety

April 11, 2009

Topic: Methods of administration, safety, importance of skill of practitioner

Ozone therapy and generators must only be administered and handled by trained practitioners to ensure safety. No ozone need come in contact with the respiratory system for this therapy to be effective. Medical grade ozone used in therapies is diluted to a point that can be utilized by our bodies. Trained practitioners can regulate the volume and concentration of ozone production and regulate the quantity administered. This is of utmost importance because all substances in the body out of proper proportion will cause adverse effects. This is true of common medications like aspirin, elements such as magnesium or chlorine, treatments such as radiation, or even the purest of substances, water. Ozone generators are used by taking pure medical grade oxygen and sending electric currants through it, causing the oxygen molecule to decompose, and recombine with other oxygen molecules to form O3, ozone. The ozone gas is then pumped into a closed system (i.e. bottle, tube) which allows no ozone to escape into the atmosphere. This unique quality of ozone decomposing after 40 minutes adds to the safety of administering this gas. It can not be stored, thus no more is produced at a time than what is required. This makes for very little chance of exposing it into the atmosphere. However, if it where to be released in to the atmosphere inadvertently the amount of ozone would be very small. There are a plethora of ways to administer ozone therapy. Autohemotherapy is a predominate intravenous method. In this method anywhere between 50mL to 200mL of the patient’s blood may be extracted and combined in a closed system to a bottle with ozone gas or a melange of ozone gas and oxygen gas. The two substances are then gently agitated to instigate infusion. The oxygenated blood turns bright red and is then injected back into the patient’s blood stream. Ozone therapy has also been administered via drinking oxygenated water, using oxygenated oils, intramuscular injection, ear insufflation, and ozone bagging to name a few.

Additional Notes:
Ozone generators are extremely safe when used correctly.
Ozone depletion is of grave concern. CFCs have depleted the ozone for years via refrigerators and other appliances, also aerosol cans.
Oxygen has little potential to cause harm if inadvertently exposed in the atmosphere.

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