Juneteenth, June 19th, is one of my favorite occasions. I look forward to it every year. I keep thinking, maybe next year, Google or Yahoo! will have a special design for their logo to spotlight Juneteenth… One day…

For anyone oblivious to the occasion, it marks the most recognized end to slavery. The story goes thus:

The Emancipation Proclamation (Lincoln) was a law abolishing slavery and freeing ALL slaves in ALL of the United States. It was issued on September 22, 1862, and was supposed to be effective as of January 1, 1863. However, that news (and enforcement) didn’t quite make it to the poor slaves in Galveston, Texas (and other Eastern Texan localities) until June 19, 1865. Yeah… a whole flippin’ 2 and a half years after the law was active. (Those law-breaking, self-righteous, Eastern Texan slave-holders really burn me up!!!) On that day, as the story goes, Union General Granger and troops arrived in Galveston not only to enforce the emancipation of the slaves (I bet they didn’t get 2.5 years of back pay… I know!!… efforts should be dedicated to getting their back pay to their ancestors!! I think there’s a word for that…..) but to also take over possession of Texas. Juneteenth started being celebrated in Galveston the VERY NEXT YEAR. Strawberry pop anyone…….?

It’s interesting that recently the Senate apologized for the first time to United State’s African-American descendants for the atrocities of slavery. (They really need to apologize to Africa for the atrocities of the American Slave trade… what? You think pilfering millions of Africa’s strongest men and women didn’t adversely effect their lives for centuries?) Among the apologizers where Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Sen. Brownback of Kansas.

Oh well, it just a twisted ritual of America. The apology means little to me (it does little except assuage some people’s guilt, and give others ammunition to rationalize deplorable points of view), but I know it means something to some people, and for that, I smile at it.

!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY JUNETEENTH 2009!!!!!!!!!


The Iranian people are obviously speaking. And not only in Iran, but also with protests near to me in Toronto, Canada.

I love protestors. I was happy to see the people raising awareness of the people, the Tamils, and the military in Sri Lanka. I was even pleasantly surprised when several people walked on to the Gardiner Expressway and shut down traffic. What power protestors have!

Will it just take time for Obama to step up more than just feeling remorse over what happened with the recent Iranian election? John McCain spoke to Congress recently about his dismay with the Obama Admin’s stance of inaction. Of not wanting to meddle.

Elections are supposed to represent the voice of the people. But often that is not the case. Where are the groups of equal size, marching for their satisfaction with the President?

The US should begin aide of Iran by giving an ear to the Iranian people. By getting them chance for a collective international voice. The media is so restricted there right now, save images of the Ayatollah. What are the people to do?

When the people do something they have never done before, its because they want change.


I really feel for mothers and fathers like Madeline Primoff, Darlene Ong [1], or even mai Mom and Dad who have felt the need to put an underage child out the car to walk home for misbehavior. I feel for mothers like Primoff who have been JAILED for such action.

First and foremost, DONT MAKE EMPTY THREATS. Do what you say you are going to do, or don’t say it. This is the only way threats like “Don’t make me pull this car over” are ever actually going to be effective. If you’ve set a history with other things that you do what you say.

This issue has come to light in the news recently because Primoff and her mother were in the car when they put out her 10 and 12 year old daughters for ‘acting out’. The mother was trying to teach the girls that if they behave badly, then they will have to suffer in a way that they wont like. Primoff (or her lawyer rather) said that she and her mother dropped the girls off on the street, drove around the block, and when they came back to retrieve them, the older girl was there, but the 10 year old was missing! Apparently, a passerby took the 10 yr old for ice cream and then dropped her off with a police officer. (Thank you passerby for not being a crazy person. I hope Primoff is thanking God for that.) Primoff called to report her daughter missing and when she arrived at the precinct to pick her up, Primoff was arrested and jailed overnight for abandoning the child.

Ok, wow this is ‘Get your ass out the car’ gone WRONG, terribly, terribly wrong. Could I ever image making my child walk home for bad behavior? HELL YEAH! Would I ever make mai child think that I was going to leave them somewhere they didn’t know and where they couldn’t get home from… NO! Inducing abandonment issues shouldn’t be the goal Mom. ABC News didn’t make it clear as to if the girls were dropped off at a place they knew and could possibly get home from.

Factors have to be taken in to consideration to effectively enact ‘Get your ass out the car’. (This tactic was supported by the ‘expert’ on ABC News though she said you should drive alongside the child as they walked.) If you think there’s a possibility you would enact this sort of disciplinary action on your child, why wouldn’t you have a premeditated game plan?

Factor Q: Number of offending children? There is strength in numbers. I’d be more likely to drop off 4 children than 2.

Factor X: Will the children stay with each other if I drop them off? ‘Get your ass out the car and you better not come home without your baby sister or this will seem like a walk in the park!” Obviously Primoff didn’t think that one thru. I can’t believe her 12 year old let the 10 year old go off on her own. I know families, where even if you are fighting, the parents have set up a system whereas the older siblings know they are responsible for the younger ones. I mean lets keep in mind, 12 is babysitting age!

Factor Y: What’s the weather like? What time of day is it? Are the children dressed appropriately?

Factor Z: Do the kids know the area? Do you as a parent know the area? How long will it take them to get home or to their destination? In mai childhood neighborhood I could ride mai bike to the park that was 15min away. I could’ve walked from there if I was interested in exercising. So dropping a 12 yr old there in daylight to walk home could be totally appropriate behavior. Also, I grew up in a rural country community, I wouldn’t drop a kid off on Skid Row in LA even if it was a short 45min walk to mai front door.

I think making children walk home can be a useful tool if it’s not used in the heat of the moment. That’s where this situation went wrong. If Primoff would have thought out the situation she probably wouldn’t be in such hot water. I dont disagree with the practice totally, but I do think the way Primoff went about it was irresponsible. I mean, a passerby picked her child up! Thank God the ice cream wasn’t drugged and she was delivered to an officer… but it could have just as easily gone another way. ‘Get your ass out the car and walk home’ can only be enacted when the risks have been calculated and its used as a teaching and discipline method not as an unthought about whim the parent goes on. Each situation is different, so assess your situation before you enact this, but there IS a place for it. If they piss you off 25 miles from home, wait till you are 4 miles from home, and make em walk if the factors line up. ‘That’s right Billy, you’re ass was made for walkin’, so that just what your bad ass is gonna do. I love you, see you when you get home’

1. ABC News

Men and women ARE different, and how we interact with the opposite sex is significant, and depicted about how we view our roles in society. I just had an interesting conversation with two 20-something women* about male/female dynamics in budding relationships. Laney’s been married one year, Mona’s been dating a guy for one month, and me, married for 5 years.

Mona is anxious to know if her relationship has reached exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend status, but isn’t sure about how to find out. She’s considering having a friend ask the guy, in a round-a-bout way. Laney advises to ‘hold off’ and let the guy take the initiative in that respect. Laney finds it best to wait for men to say ‘I love you’ first because ‘men like to do things like that’. She believes woman can be assertive without being dominant, and that not letting the man take the initiative is usurping his dominance. She says women can be assertive by ‘getting what they want’ without having to have a discussion. She has a girlfriend who’s been wanting to say she loves her guy since a few months into their relationship, but has been waiting for 3 years for him to say it first, and therefore doesn’t quite know where their relationship stands. I say, if you are in a relationship (where you desire longevity), ask questions flat out, clearly, and as they arise. I don’t see a place for poor communication and inhibition in a healthy adult relationship. I see finding a back-door way of talking about things with your partner so that he feels more like the ‘direction-setter’ as a form of playing games that everyone should avoid. I am a big believer and appreciator of feminine wiles, but I like to ‘get what I want’ by talking it out.

I’m sure part of my POV comes from my distaste for men who shy away from assertive women. Is being ‘too domineering’ a concern that women in fledgling relationships ?All men are different, as are situations and relationships. Most would agree that there are times when the woman should say ‘I love you’ first and such. But the true question is: Is there ANY circumstance where a woman who questions the status of her relationship should wait for the man to establish it before asking questions? Is she gonna ‘run off’ the potential love of her life? Should you ever stay silent from your partner when you have questions? Should you play ‘harmless’ covert games to find out what you need to know?

I feel like NOT asking questions as they arise is putting your life on hold. If he wants to be exclusive and so do you, fine; but if he doesn’t, and you don’t find out, then you are going to turn down other dating opportunities. How’s that fair?

*Names have been changed to protect Mai

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Like it or not one day, in this crazy, beautiful, wicked world pot will be decriminalized, plus sized models will prevail, abortion will stay, gays will marry, people who don’t love the constitution will stop being villianized, and alternative medicine/therapies will flourish. We’ve seen limitations on stem cell research be lifted, and one day, hopefully sooner than later, we will see more research and practice of Ozone therapy.

There are three key discoveries that explain why ozone helps to fight cancer. First, cancer arises because of a lack of oxygen to the cells (Warburg). Second, cancer has a viral component (Watson). Third, the growth of select tumors is inhibited by ozone (Varro). Ozone is a misunderstood disinfectant. Ozone therapy is a neglected treatment that can effectively fight cancer. Ozone is an effective immunoregulator that kills pathogens, mitigates infection, detoxifies the body, increases circulation and oxygen levels, combats fatigue. These are made possible by it’s unique chemical properties, high energy state, instability, and rate of reaction.

Why use ozone, a known carcinogen which (when tropospheric) may harm the epithelial tissues in our lungs, in oxidative therapies instead of O2 exclusively? The noted and influential Dr. Erwin Payr said, “Ozone can do what oxygen cannot”. Ozone is molecular oxygen with one or more extra atoms of oxygen; the more oxygen atoms to disperse, the more effective at diffusing oxygen into the body. Due to the small quantity of ozone required per treatment, (and therefore small amount produced at a time) it poses little threat to our atmosphere. Unstable ozone requires less energy than stable O2 to undergo reaction. Once ozone is infused into the blood, it quickly breaks down into oxygen, readily oxidizes blood and tissue cells, and rapidly circulates more oxygen in the blood stream than O2. Anne Schadde author of O3zone: A Homeopathic Proving says, “The intense reactivity of ozone is explained by suggesting that one of the three oxygen atoms is in an ‘atomic’ state. On reacting, this atom is dissociated from the O3 molecule, leaving molecular oxygen, O2. The molecular oxygen, O2, is not reactive at ambient temperature and pressures. However, the atomic oxygen, O, is far more reactive” (6). Ozone’s 18 electrons have a high energy, making the molecule highly reactive and unstable. This is apparent by its short lifespan of about 40 minutes. After about 40 minutes before ozone decomposes back into oxygen molecules and atoms. In an email exchange with London-based ozone therapist Steven Salem Karim he writes, “The difference between medical Ozone and Oxygen is in the physical and chemical properties…Ozone is far more unstable and has more energy. This energy can be released in a number of ways and can effect the way it reacts with other chemicals or biochemistries. Oxygen is a very stable element and needs more energy to react with chemicals and other biochemistries. These characteristics between Ozone and Oxygen is why Ozone is way more powerful as an oxidiser. The oxidation potential between Ozone and Oxygen is that Ozone has much greater oxidation potential than Oxygen…I describe it as a super enriched oxygen” (8).

The discoveries of Otto Warburg, James D. Watson, and Joaquim Varro were integral to developing a regime for ozone to fight cancer.

Research opposing viewpoints for yourself, as I did. Cut out the middle-man and see sources with YOUR own eyes. They are truly easy to find. Check out comments on mai other blogs in this series. What works for some, doesn’t work for all, and vice versa. BUT IGNORANCE WORKS FOR NONE. If you or someone you love are in need, and knowledge of this underrated treatment could help you, I’m fully justified and proud to shed more light. This is NOT the first medical care that people have villianized only to later tout as advanced.

“EDUCATION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN IGNORANCE- dont be shamed into not knowing. Its always ethical to be well informed.” – mai

TAKE NOTE: Anyone interested in any therapies mentioned in this essay must seek professional guidance before proceeding with any form of treatment. This is one part of a series of Ozone related essays, sources located at http://www.progressiveu.org/blog/51624-ozone-therapy-key-foundation pertain to whole the series.

Additional Notes of Interest:
This is why ozone is often called “supercharged” oxygen.
Some experts define ozone as a molecule having anywhere from 3 atoms of oxygen to 5, 6 or even as much as 21 atoms of oxygen. If this is the case, then that would even boost ozone’s ability to effectively distribute oxygen in the body.
There is no getting around free radicals, which are charged and spinning around in lone orbit searching for another electron to pair up with. The problem with free radicals comes in when they are disproportionate in our bodies.

Legend Carlos Santana recently made a public statement that he wished President Obama would seriously consider legalizing marijuana (boy would the prices rise!) because the revenue could potentially pull us out of a recession (true). He said this is overdue, and likened it to the end of prohibition on alcohol. I see the progressive medical potential in the USA with the more liberal tone, favoring states to rule on medical marijuana. I hope this same progress will extend to the research of Ozone therapy sooner than later.

Ozone is a misunderstood disinfectant, swarming with myths. Ozone therapy is a neglected treatment that can effectively fight cancer. Ozone is an effective immunoregulator that kills pathogens, mitigates infection, detoxifies the body, increases circulation and oxygen levels, combats fatigue. These are made possible by it’s unique chemical properties, high energy state, instability, and rate of reaction.

Ozone is an unappreciated disinfectant. Ozone is created naturally as well as by man-made ozone generators. It is formed by sunlight, lightening, or electricity and oxygen atoms. In the stratosphere, 6 to 31 miles up, ozone is a layer of protective gas that filters harmful ultraviolet radiation rays from the Sun. However it allows energy rich, life dependent sunlight to pass to all organic life-forms, while filtering the invisible UV light. In this sense, ozone is like a layer of sunblock on the earth that protects all organic life-forms. It is known to kill bacteria, fungus, yeast, and other pathogens to stop infection. Ozone can be very beneficial in the fight against cancer to clean out all the toxins that accumulate as waste from cancer cells, and dead cancer cells. Prominent sources including the International Ozone Association (IOA) and Dr. Andrew Weil founder of the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Arizona site ozone as being the most effective method for water treating facilities to make water fit for human consumption, making ozone even more effective than chlorine water treatment. The IOA said, “Ozone is the most powerful oxidant available to man. It is an effective bleaching agent and a powerful disinfectant, killing bacteria and funguses more rapidly than chlorine. Viruses and carcinogenic substances, which are generally not affected by the other conventional chemicals used in water treatment, are also oxidized by ozone” (1). Ozone is also a successful method for treating sewage. However, many know ozone in relationship to smog, the dark clouds often seen in large metropolises. Smog is a gaseous mixture which may include nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Though ozone is found in the composition of smog, ozone is attempting to clean up these toxic elements. Scientists measure the amount of ozone in a given area to signify how much smog is present. However this can be misleading to the general public when in fact the ozone present is an indication of how much ozone is available and thus how quickly the smog is being broken down. In The Use of Ozone in Medicine co-authors Rilling and Viebahn say, “…ozone is used to measure the degree of pollution (in smog), but not the cause, which is often erratically assumed” (1). It’s therefore often misunderstood that ozone will cause the body to be consumed with free radicals. Free radicals are any molecules that have one unpaired electron. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals which destroy bacteria and fungus and fight infection when they are in natural harmony with the antioxidants that the body produces. In Oxygen Healing Therapies author Nathanial Altman says, “Free radicals are produced by the body to deliver energy to the body’s cells…also play an important role in regulating the chemicals the body needs for its survival, such as hormones” (2). However, if they become disproportionate, they can cause problems. This is why healthy bodies produce antioxidants to combat the free radicals by donating the election they need to become stable. “Antioxidants are enzymes that protect cells from free radicals by chemically changing them into harmless compounds like oxygen and water” (2). When antioxidant levels are low in the body free radicals can run wild. Often times antioxidant supplements are suggested to help fight free radicals.

The discoveries of Otto Warburg, James D. Watson, and Joaquim Varro were integral to developing a regime for ozone to fight cancer.

View opposing viewpoints, as I did. They are truly easy to find. Check out comments on mai other blogs in this series. What works for some, doesn’t work for all, and vice versa. If you or someone you love are in need, and knowledge of this underrated treatment could help you, I’m fully justified and proud to shed more light. This is NOT the first medical care that people have villianized only to later tout as advanced.

“EDUCATION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN IGNORANCE- dont be shamed into not knowing. Its always ethical to be well informed.” – mai

TAKE NOTE: Anyone interested in any therapies mentioned in this essay must seek professional guidance before proceeding with any form of treatment. This is one part of a series of Ozone related essays, sources located at http://www.progressiveu.org/blog/51624-ozone-therapy-key-foundation pertain to whole the series.

I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if I see one more image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the misty, air-brushed, reminiscent background of a Photoshopped Barack Obama image as the “Dream” depiction I will scream.

[Oh there’s one.]


What the hell people? At what point in the “I Have a Dream” speech did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say anything about his dream or the dream being to have a Black president? Was it implied? Maybe, but the dream is specifically about achieving equality and if you think that President Obama automatically garnered equality for people of color in America you are turning a blind eye and deceiving yourself. WAKE UP!!! and notice I said people of color, Dr. King speaks of equality for all, does that mean if we had a Latino or Asian president that these images would still surface, I don’t know but I hope that’s not seen as unrelated.

I didn’t want to say anything because I think of people like my mother, father, my aunts and uncles. Who marched and protested with King. Those people who cry out of happiness for Obama’s win (I’m happy but I never cried!). Because they never dreamed they would see an African American President in their lifetime.

I love what Dr. King did, and I love what Barack did and is doing*, but these images are really agitating me. They marginalize both men and more importantly, they marginalize The Struggle. Just the notion that we are done or have even reached the Promised Land is utterly false. When I see this depiction I feel cheated, I feel like we are resting and being lazy America.

It is apparent that society still needs to reach for Dr. King’s dream of equality when we have Latino-Americans (or even Latinos for that matter) in our country being murdered for just that, being brown (Ecuadoran Marcello Lucero to name one). Or when you hear (as I have heard from friend, foe, and family) that Latino’s are “overrunning” America with their numbers. RACISM! INFURIATING!!! Why are people so concerned with their numbers? Some Black Americans have dismay when the speak of the growing number of Latinos in America. Some worry the census is inaccurately portraying the numbers of each ethnic group. The reason why this is an issue is because White America is somehow seen (and this is actually put into practice) as entitled to more of a voice and representation in this country because they supposedly make up the majority. WHY?

In high school I can remember debating the validity of the existence of affirmative action and Black History Month. In the case of Black History Month some actually argued that we should not celebrate it in protest it marginalizing Black history**. How stupid! I haven’t encountered anyone in a long time that has tried to support this argument, but my gut makes me think they are still out there. After all, I am not the only one that has encountered people who think like this. (My predominantly white, conservative, affluent, township school in Indiana refused to even make mention of Black History Month on the morning announcements. When I asked them to do so, they refused. When I asked why, they said it wasn’t necessary. Haters.) Even still, why would I give up the little bit of acknowledgment that Black History month affords because in truth MORE is warranted? I wouldn’t. That’s not even logical (there’s an adage about baby and bathwater that fits well). If I want a slice of pie, but I can only manage to take a forkful of it on Monday, I take a forkful, then on Tuesday I try to take another forkful, however thwarted I am or how much obstacle is in the way of me and my pie, I still got a forkful and that’s one less forkful I need to attain to get my whole slice. You have to chip away at prejudice, and racism, and sexism, and classism, and inequality. Chip chip chip, its an elephant and you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Mai President is Black [* why I “love” OB]

So far, so good. I am thrilled that President Obama will be keeping his Blackberry. This device has often be uncouthly referred to as the Crackberry (implications are obvious). As a lover of gadgets, I’m thrilled to think of the president as a tech savvy, PDA toting, genius. Bravo for shutting down Guantanimo bay in a year. This sends an anti-bully image to others around the world.

First sitting Prez to have a Blackberry, down with Gitmo (recently Iraqi prisoners were handed over to Iraqi officials), not wearing his suit jacket in the oval office, “there are white people, and then there are motherfuckers like you”- OB on confronting racism in his Hawaiian youth, his acceptance of non-believers, the list goes on and one, – Fox News is right, OB is radical, the best, grassroots, up from down, kind of radial anyone could hope to be 🙂

**(No doubt Black History Month is underplayed, however many don’t even know there is a national Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15- October15.)

(My President is Black is an allusion to a Young Jeezy song, if you haven’t hear/read it Google/Youtube it.)

“Black History is Everyone’s History. Enjoy… Uhuru! Hotep!” – mrs.Mai

Deciding to join the naturopathic profession definitely requires me to make mature sacrifices in the life of my family. I must scrutinize my finances, postpone plans for children, uproot my family, abandon the theatre, leave a President Barack Obama administration, and conquer general anxieties. However, enumerating these sacrifices makes it all the more apparent how I cherish the naturopathic profession. Immigrating to Canada is an expensive and nerve-racking transition requiring our entire savings. Visas, passports, tuition, and housing are just some of the expensive necessities. The immigration process has taken years of planning and budgeting. Our search for new housing, banking, phone carrier, and employment for my husband has been a series of uphill battles. Even now, there is a high level of uncertainty about our financial future in this new country. My husband and I live quite frugally. I look forward to the day when we won’t have to be so restricted by our finances. The next five years will not afford us this luxury. How could they with the time, money, and effort required to transition into returning to college and immigrating? I have been married for nearly five years. We have a blessed marriage and are anxiously thinking about starting a family. Initially, we planned to try for children next year in 2010. However, when I decided to study naturopathy we determined that the time and expense required to provide for a child couldn’t even be considered until the 3rd year of the program. Even then it will still depend on where I stand at that time in the future and in the program. Though many say there is never a specific “right” time to have a child, there is definitely a “wrong” time to have a child, and beginning my education at CCNM would be one of them. Expenses are compounded by living away from loved ones for half a decade. This is daunting. Family and friends provide a ready-made moral, spiritual, financial, and emotional support. Our loved ones are quick to note that we will be a whole other country away. I feel I’ve neglected loved ones for the past eight years since I’ve left my beloved hometown; first moving to Chicago, then to Los Angeles. Oftentimes, it seems I abandon my friends right when our bonds are growing and they need me the most. I feel guilty about leaving my family and not being a present role model for my nieces and nephews in such a critical time in their youth. Theatre and art have been a consistent passion in my life. In undergraduate studies, I attained a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Theatre with a concentration in directing. When I decided to start naturopathy I didn’t anticipate the extent this intensive program would demand. Though I will be a lifelong patron of the theatre, I fear there will be no immediate time to participate. No directing, acting, stage managing, designing, or anything of that nature until my education is well underway. I’ve spent my last twelve years training in theatre, building up several professional relationships, and establishing the building blocks of a career. Theatre had been my future, so entering into a fresh discipline will be an added challenge. I must immerse myself into this new world yet keep sharp skills I’ve spent so long developing. This is an historic time that is especially poignant for Americans. Most of the citizens of the States are very excited and looking forward to living under a President Obama administration. It is somewhat bittersweet that we can’t be in the States while he is leading the country. These past eight years, under the former Bush Administration, have been a time of fear, anxiety, and trepidation for the country and in fact the world. We all have tremendous anticipation for the next four years to come. In some respect, I will be missing out of a firsthand experience. General anxieties about healthcare, employment, travel, and maintaining a fitness routine flood my thoughts daily. I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) but hate taking oral contraception to regulate my cycle. School makes it impossible to start a family or afford a child. Through naturopathy, I hope to find an alternate solution for my PCOS. I’m proud of working with the Girl Scouts of the San Fernando Valley. I set up their curriculum and fostered positive girl to girl relations. My thoughts of working with the affiliated Girl Guides were crushed with the realization that my student status doesn’t allow for a work permit. I love to travel but have had to delay plans to explore Northern Africa with my parents and husband for years. Ideally, I’ll quell my wanderlust by travelling to Europe, Asia, and Africa during the summers when classes are out. I worry this goal will not be attainable. I’m not thoroughly optimistic that these next five years of school will allow the time or expense for exploration abroad. I’ve recently made changes in my lifestyle that benefit my health. They have enabled me to loose an excessive 50 lbs. I’ve become much more active. I realize that keeping up with my lifestyle will be hard because I will not be able to resume my gym routine for several weeks while we are getting settled. I worry that falling out of my routine will cause me to never get back on track. In spite of this, I have a healthy outlook. Loved ones are afforded comfort in that we used to live in California, which is three times farther from Midwest America than Toronto. The distance will inspire some to attain a passport and travel abroad for the first time. I am blessed to have their love and support for my future. I hope to show my nieces and nephews that a career in medicine is not out of reach. I’m optimistic that a warm, receptive, diverse faculty, staff, and student body will aide us in developing new community. There is potential to stay within the theatre arts loop by volunteering at box office or ushering. I’m mindful that Obama’s influence is sure to be felt worldwide, and planning is always in the works to fulfill lifelong travel dreams. This transition is giving me an invaluable opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. My education requires me to give in to my passion for community service and social activism. It also prompts me to face a fear of taking risks. Most importantly, naturopathic medicine gives me the chance to have a life of passion, educate others, and provide alternate options for their healthcare future. This is quite satisfying.

Dreams Don’t Come True

January 15, 2009

Recently my husband asked me to describe my dream job. It was surprisingly hard for me to do. I had to write it down, when I was done, I was even more depressed than ever because I realized its not even flippin’ possible!! Yeah, it was an interested exercise, because I’ve been vacillating over what to do with my life,– funny how my undergraduate education didnt point me in the infinate direction… life, sheesh, anyway this was my dream job fantasy conclusion/delusion:

I’m here to example tolerance, help heal bodies, society, and Earth, tell under-told stories, do no harm, learn at every age, and acknowledge beauty in everything.
I am a community organizer with a passion for social activism. The city of Chicago pays me to plan and host free events for the community year-round. I enlist help from local artists, small business owners, and volunteers. Focus and importance is placed on involving the community in enriching their environment whilst evoking a feeling of ownership and pride. Youth and families are encouraged to get involved.
I own a large south-side duplex. I’m one of a team of physicians working out of its first floor clinic that is devoted to holistic naturopathic treatments. This need-based clinic is open to everyone. Fees are determined by financial need, though free to some, and accepts donations. Upstairs, this duplex houses a distribution center where my husband distributes films that he writes and we both produce and direct. Towards the back of the first floor and leading out to the backyard is a blackbox theatre where performances, classes, drama therapy and playwriting workshops are held. Artists work with special needs children and abuse victims to collectively write and produce plays for the blackbox. A small cafe in the duplex serves concessions during the performances and cocktails in the evenings and early morning hours when the blackbox hosts a burlesque/cabaret show.
The Healthy ‘Hood Clinic, Move The Crowd Printing Co., O. Micheaux Distribution Co., Mark Mai Words Concession Stand, and Elemental Performance Arts Ensemble Blackbox all sponsor individual scholarships open to any student showing financial need.
I want to be an example, I want to be a role model. I am here to be a wife and I hope to be a mother, I am here to teach and to learn. I am here to let everyone know that you need never stop learning. There is beauty in everything. I want to promote tolerance and convince everyone that God works in mysterious ways and that no one should judge anyone because we don’t know how God is working with anyone. My purpose is to heal the world and heal the bodies of people I am here to tell people’s stories that are not told.